Trump can’t pass off blame to Democrats

I read with great interest Rep. John Joyce’s letter in which he claims that Democrats are doing nothing, and President Donald Trump is fulfilling his campaign promises.

I would like to know what promises Trump has kept. Was it the one in which he promised to release his tax returns? No, he has been stonewalling that one since he was elected.

Was it the two in which he promised to eliminate the national debt and the national deficit? No, they are higher than ever.

How about the one when he said he would not give the 1 percent a tax break? No, he gave them the biggest tax cut in history.

Perhaps Joyce meant Trump’s promise to modernize the infrastructure across the nation. No, nothing there.

Maybe the claim that he would initiate the greatest health care plan in the world that would only take him a day, maybe two weeks. No, in fact no one has even seen any kind of a Trump health care plan. As for his promise to hire only the best and the brightest, more of his cabinet members and associates have been fired or indicted than in any other administration in history. He sure missed on that last one, except maybe Stormy Daniels.

And please don’t tell me that the Democrats are blocking his agenda. He had a Republican House and Senate for two years, and the only thing he accomplished was revoking laws that protected our environment.

Trump won’t admit that climate change is a real and dangerous threat, as he prefers money over clean air and water at the expense of our children and grandchildren.

I know the economy is doing well, but that started under President Barack Obama (Google it). Trump is just riding the wave, and I hope his economic policies don’t cause a recession as many financial experts have predicted.

As for the Democrats not doing anything but impeachment work, nothing could be further from the truth. The House of Representatives has passed and sent to the Senate over 200 bills.

This is not about Trump against the Democrats, this is about Trump against the constitution, which Trump has sworn to uphold and defend.

House Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi is doing the job to which she was elected, protecting the constitution. Incidentally, when President Bill Clinton was under investigation for impeachment, he hired a legal team so he could fulfill his duties as president. He did not spend his days focused on stonewalling documents and testimony.

Finally, I have to mention the Kurds who sacrificed thousands of their own lives in fighting ISIS. Trump betrayed a loyal ally to appease a foreign dictator.

I beg all politicians, Democrats and Republicans, to put country before political party, to do the job to which you were elected, to serve the people and not puppet masters.

Don Sheridan