Republicans ignoring real truth on our gov’t

(This letter was updated on Dec. 5 to correct an editing mistake.)

Some recent editorials are back on the fabrication track.

Benghazi, Fast and Furious and millions of dollars going overseas, Hillary Clinton went before Congress numerous times, and Congress found no fault or wrongdoing on her part about Benghazi.

Fast and Furious was a program started under the Bush administration, and it was ended under President Obama by Attorney General Eric Holder.

Millions of dollars going overseas was only President Barack Obama giving back to Iran their own money after a weapon deal fell through. Selling 20% of our uranium to Russia by Hillary Clinton is another big lie.

It’s illegal to sell any of our uranium to friend or foe, and there is no proof that ever happened, but the lie just continues.

Democrats wasting money on worthless investigations, well how about Republicans wasting money on Whitewater, Benghazi and Hillary’s emails, which was a big lie by President Donald Trump.

The millions paid for false information to discredit Trump is actually the other way around. The killing of an infant after it’s born is the biggest lie of all.

We have produced more oil than Saudi Arabia for a few more years before Trump went into office. One writer stated that we have a bulldog in the White House when in reality, we have a big bully.

The latest letter by Lenny Metz is full of negatives. He demonizes the past presidents on petty personal issues while ignoring President Bill Clinton’s zero deficit record and President Obama’s record of cutting the deficit in half and keeping the country from going into a depression.

Rep. John Joyce filled his editorial with a lot of fabrications, saying Pelosi and Schiff, along with the Democrats, are undermining Trump and his work for our country. They are just keeping an eye on his schemes.

Malcolm Nance, a security expert, while in the U.S. Navy and still involved in security, wrote three books about Trump and the Russians.

The Russians have been watching and playing Trump since 1977, and they schemed to get Trump elected in 2016.

This fact was proven after 17 government intelligence agencies investigated the Russian connection.

I guess Joyce is just a blind supporter who is not interested in the laws of our land and the constitution of our great country.

In the history of our country, we have never seen an administration that flouts the rule of law by ignoring subpoenas, refusing to testify and operating with criminals who are either under indictment or are in prison.

This investigation is not a witch hunt. Nixon said the same thing. This investigation is about obstruction of justice, bribery, extortion, perjury and collusion.

It seems like Trump is running a crime syndicate. Our system of laws demands an investigation of these wrongdoings.

Martin P. Barroner



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