Raystown Lake needs better access

Huntingdon County residents are about to lose an investment of $89 million for a new resort on Terrace Mountain.

For the resort to be built, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers needs to add a small recreational access site on parcel #5303 in the Raystown Lake Master Plan.

It is a travesty that the USACE basically trashed every letter from our locally elected officials, local economic development agencies and business organizations who supported more access to the lake on the northeastern side because these letters mention “the economic benefit” of the project.

The USACE does not consider “economic benefit” as a mission at the lake, yet they point out in the report how the lake benefits the community economically.

This is ridiculous since tourism is the second-largest industry in the county with lake visitors bringing in millions of dollars a year to spend at local gas stations, restaurants, local stores, lodging and entertainment venues.

We hope anyone who enjoys the lake will want to weigh in on more public recreational access points on the lake.

There is only one USACE beach on 118 miles of shoreline and no public access points on the top one-third of the 27-mile long lake. Please support a new access site on parcel #5303 on the northeastern side of the lake.

This area could easily support a day-use site with a small beach, kayak and canoe area, some wildlife viewing spots and a place to tie up a boat to shore.

Those against any new recreation sites at Raystown Lake will still have 21,000 acres of undeveloped land and 95 percent of undeveloped shoreline to enjoy. How can you enjoy a great resource like Raystown Lake if you can’t get to it?

If you want to see more public recreation areas on Raystown Lake, please support a new access site on parcel #5303. Visit the USACE website at https://www .nab.usace.army.mil/Raystown-Master-Plan-Revision/ and voice your opinion.

The deadline is Dec 7.

This is the last time for the next 25 years that you will have a voice on any future receational access points on Raytown Lake.

Janet Chambers



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