Pittsburgh is proof cleanup efforts work

There is scarcely a day when you can’t read or hear one or more stories on climate change.

They are in many magazines, newspapers, on TV and radio so it is impossible to miss them. Having read many of these articles, I find that most talk about climate change infers that the climate is changing for the worse.

Most recommendations say that we must give up something that is part of our daily life. What can we do to maintain our daily life without these things that we should give up?

Our use of fossil fuels is commonly mentioned as something that is bad and should be done away with. However, in examining this issue, it appears that we are highly dependent on fossil fuels. Currently available alternatives, air and solar power, are not adequate to replace fossil fuels.

When I was a boy, some 70-plus years ago, I still recall vividly when my friends and I were taken to a Pirates baseball game at Forbes Field by our dads. Our moms would pack food for us to eat before the game because food in the stadium was expensive.

We would go early and eat our lunch on the lawn in front of the nearby Schenley Park hotel. While having lunch, I noted black gritty flakes in the air that could be seen clearly on my sandwich bread and my clothes.

Pittsburgh has cleaned up since that time, a sign of significant improvement. We are clearly moving in the right direction.

Records show that hurricanes and floods are not more frequent today than in years past. To replace fossil fuels or to minimize their use is an admirable goal, but we have years to go before this will be possible.

The climate is constantly changing and there is often little that we can do about floods, hurricanes and rising or falling temperatures.

William J. Kirsch

Roaring Spring