Making sure veterans’ photos are preserved

This in response to the

Oct. 21 article (“VanZandt goes digital to preserve history.”)

Most of these pictures of veterans have been hanging on walls for half a century or more at their families’ homes. They have endured sunlight from windows, house light, tobacco smoke, dust and more, and they still look good on the walls of the VA.

As far as room, there is more room on the first floor and also more on the other floors. Veterans walk the halls looking at the pictures of fellow vets giving personal thoughts.

A good while ago, I walked the halls with a woman of high importance at the VA. As she and I were talking, she asked me if the veterans would mind if she took the pictures down to paint. I told her, “I’m sure they wouldn’t if they were put back up.”

It looks like I misunderstood her. She meant it for good.

If there is no Wall of Honor and the pictures are put in some kind of machine (kiosk/computer) instead of displayed on the wall, what do we call it, and will it be before or after the instructions on how to view them?

Gary Orr