Local concert provided ‘soothing’ performance

I attended The Sunderland Memorial Concert Series at Trinity Lutheran Church in Juniata last month.

Sunderland died March 9, 2003 at age 104 and had an outstanding profession as a musician and a pathologist in Altoona. He established this concert series to share with his community. Thank you.

This concert featured guitarist William Feasley from the state of Washington. What a concert. He should have been at the Mishler Theatre with his talent and long career.

He concentrated his music to Echoes of Goya, which is a Polish pop music group founded in 1995 in Warsaw, Poland. He also toured for The U.S. State Department.

He was the first guitarist to receive Peabody Conservatory’s coveted Artist Diploma. Visit his website. He had a handcrafted (made to player’s hands, stature and style) guitar by Randy Angella, of Concord, California.

The music was so soothing the audience was halfway asleep — it was so relaxing.

My favorite was “Invocation y Danza” by Joaquin Rodrigo (1901-99) even though the theme was torment and suffering.

Marcelo Ferraris (b. 1967) wrote El Tango Negro for Frasley and was a variety of colors in music. What a relaxing afternoon followed by out of this world refreshments.

Dorothy Lansberry