Erb all about making a better Blair County

We need to re-elect Bruce Erb for Blair County commissioner.

Blair County must keep working toward the future. Erb has knowledge and experience in banking and investment.

In his first term, he has helped improved the county finances. Erb has also improved the financial condition of the county pension plan.

Erb’s 40 years of experience has helped save the taxpayers money. He’s also on other social service agencies and committees and is dedicated to helping make Blair County a better and safer place.

In his first four years, Erb’s conservative values have done a lot for Blair County. There is still a lot Erb wants to accomplish in his next term.

To be a good county commissioner, you must be knowledgeable on all aspects of county government.

Erb doesn’t overspend on signs and billboards. He spends his time talking to county taxpayers.

Re-elect Bruce Erb.

Mike Sanders



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