Trump using Kurds for personal gain

Is it really a mystery why President Donald Trump pulled our troops away from our betrayed allies, the Kurds?

Erdogan made a call to Trump. Then without notifying Congress, his staff, the Kurds or anyone else, Trump redeployed American troops to other locations in the Middle East.

Trump has luxury hotels in the capital of Turkey. Erdogan could stop all business at those hotels, costing Trump large amounts of capital. This, of course, makes Trump Erdogan’s puppet.

Also, by removing the troops, he gives Syria control over the Kurds and the region they controlled. By enabling Syria, he gives Putin and Russia more influence in the Middle East and diminishes American influence in the region.

Why would he want to do this? Trump cannot acquire loans from any place in the world except from banks controlled by Russian oligarchs.

Putin controls the Russian oligarchs, also making Trump Putin’s puppet. Trump is using the office of the president and American tax dollars for personal gain. This personal gain is at the cost of many Kurdish lives and the start of yet another war.

The region the Kurds controlled was at peace before Trump’s action of personal greed started this war.

I believe one should define Trump’s actions as evil.

Louis Anthony Mollica