Support taxpayer friendly candidates

I am a homeowner and an alumna of the Hollidaysburg Area School District. Now, as a new mother, I have a strong interest in the future of the school district.

A neighboring school district has made headlines with the construction of a new and expensive school. This structure is very costly to this school district and their taxpayers.

I am afraid that our school board will be interested in costly projects and will be left with no other choice but to raise taxes — taxes that many of us simply cannot afford.

To prevent future tax increases, I would like to encourage the residents of the Hollidaysburg Area School District to vote for school board candidates who have promised to make responsible fiscal decisions: Nicole Hartman, Lois Kaneshiki, Manny Nichols and Kenneth Snyder.

Please come out to the polls on Nov. 5th. Your voice needs to be heard.

Andrea Verobish