‘Shouldn’t lose another man or woman in war’

Cal Thomas’ Oct. 16 column expressed concern over the withdrawal from Syria.

I am no expert on war or troop numbers.

Thomas mentioned 501,100 troops. A troop can consist of 250 men and women.

If President Donald Trump would withdraw 50-100 troops, it could be 12,500 to 25,100 Americans.

Congress calls the Kurds our allies. With our weapons, drones, etc., in the scope of war, how can 25,100 make a difference? We should not lose another man or woman in war. Enough is enough.

The Middle East war is tribal. Thousands of years.

Fight terrorists here at home. We were attacked at Pearl Harbor, and we won. We will win the terror war here, but we have to be committed to winning it.

Use our resources to protect and save America.

Donna Hott



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