Ruskin Drive solution: Raise the speed limit

Regarding the alleged speeding on Ruskin Drive, the obvious question was never asked.

If the majority of drivers are exceeding 25 mph, why is the speed limit not being raised to reflect this? Speed limits are supposed to be set to the 85th percentile speed of the road.

If most people exceed that limit, it means the limit is too low. Raising the speed limit would make the road safer and avoid turning average drivers into criminals.

One wild claim made was that drivers are going 70 mph. Is there any evidence to back this up? I did not see any. Visual speed estimation is inaccurate.

It is great that the ideas to slow people down were scrapped as not being permitted, but the idea of speed cameras was troubling. These devices failed elsewhere, so why push for them? So we can have potentially more crashes, possible errors, safe drivers being ticketed and drivers taking other roads to avoid the cameras?

I urge you to look into what occurred in other places with the cameras. You will see that the very people who seek these devices end up being the ones who get ticketed by them. Oops.

It is excellent that many people care about the city, but sometimes the correct solution is the opposite of what you expect.

James Sikorski Jr. Wapwallopen

(The writer is the PA Advocate of the National Motorists Association.)