Republicans are taking too much from taxpayers

I was chuckling when I recently read a letter to the editor in which the author stated the Democratic Party is bad for the country.

The author probably gets her news from the local newspaper, or Rush Limbaugh or perhaps Fox News. So, I’m going to try to provide a little unbiased edification.

The Republican legislators have talked a lot about the great tax cut that they passed. But 87 percent of the benefits of this tax cut goes to the wealthy and corporations.

Would you call this welfare for the wealthy? This tax cut has ballooned the deficit. Your tax dollars and mine will be paying the interest on the deficit for many, many years to come.

On the diplomatic front, our Republican representatives have botched diplomatic ties with China. So now, American farmers are not able to sell their products to the Chinese. But according to the Republicans, that’s OK.

We’ll give the farmers $28 billion. And where does that money come from? You guessed it, mine and your tax dollars. Doesn’t sound like capitalism, does it?

Before he was elected, President Donald Trump said he would protect Social Security and Medicare. Recently, our Republican legislators have sought to cut Medicare by $554 billion and cut Social Security Disability by $75.5 billion.

1 don’t think that’s what I’d call protecting those programs.

As to the president’s play time, taxpayers have paid $102 million for him to visit his golf resorts. And we have to pay for the Secret Service to stay there. Those statistics were updated in May of 2019.

One last bit of news: The wealthiest 400 families now pay a tax rate of 23 percent. The bottom half of American households pay a 24.2 percent tax rate. If the Republicans stay in office, they’ll be nothing left in our wallets and purses — unless you’re wealthy.

Frank Phillips