Pot legalization should be on ballot

Why did Gov. Tom Wolf send Lt. Gov. John Fetterman out into our 67 counties to ask about making marijuana legal?

That was like sending Satan out to ask if sin is wrong.

No, I’m not calling Fetterman the devil, because if I was sent out for the same reason, it would also be like sending the devil out, because unlike Fetterman, I am against the legalizing of marijuana.

I am sure intent, whether for or against legislation, would have a lot to do with the study outcome.

I say the only fair way to know the real answer to legalized marijuana is to place it on a ballot and let all voting citizens of Pennsylvania vote their discretion.

All lives in Pennsylvania will be affected or maybe afflicted by the use of marijuana, so why shouldn’t all citizens have the right to vote for or against legalization?

Vaping has proven to save the lives of teens and adults? So what will legalized marijuana do, save millions more?

Joseph Tubbs



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