Peck, King qualified for Pa. Superior Court

Please join me in voting for Christylee Peck and Megan King for the Pennsylvania Superior Court on Nov. 5.

They are experienced and highly qualified jurists who will uphold the rule of law and the U.S. and Pennsylvania Constitutions.

Judge Peck has been on the Court of Common Pleas in Cumberland County for the past eight years, so she has heard the kinds of cases that regularly come before the Superior Court.

Megan King is an experienced prosecutor in Chester County and received the 2018 Blue Ribbon Champion for Safe Kids award.

The natural tendency of government is to expand and grow, which endangers our liberties and freedom.

Good judges are a check on the excesses of legislators and sometimes courtroom politics.

Help us protect our constitutional rights and the rule of law by voting for Judge Peck and Megan King.

Lois Kaneshiki