Pacifico has proven his leadership as mayor

I am writing to encourage support for Mayor Matt Pacifico.

As a registered Democrat, I have found value in Pacifico’s tenure as leader of our great city. He has been instrumental in making Altoona better.

This ranges from forming a city land bank, working on Altoona revitalization and also facilitating citywide clean-up days.

Pacifico has also been a good resource for Altoona natives. When I told him I wanted to organize a 5K run to raise money for a charitable cause, he reached out to law enforcement and asked an officer to contact me. For that, I was grateful.

Lastly, Pacifico has been a testament to good character. We have both attended Overflow Church for a number of years and he has been helpful in our church’s ministry and fellowship.

I am happy to be voting for him in the future.

David (DJ) Caldwell



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