Moderate Republican has measured response

There have been recent opinions written to the editorial page of the Mirror asking the question, “Where are the moderate Republicans?”

These viewpoints voiced by Democrats suggest and I quote, “Where have all the open minded, compassionate, educated and truth seeking Republicans gone?”

These opinions imply Republicans no longer value a middle of the road bipartisan approach to public policy in our country.

I pose a few questions to my Democratic friends. I think it a bit presumptuous to criticize a lack of mutual collegelitality, middle of the road policy making when the Hillary Clinton campaign paid millions for false information to discredit President Donald Trump, only to then ignore federal subpoenas’ for emails, delete 33,000 emails, and literally have staffers take a hammer to electronic devices so information couldn’t be retrieved.

Try that one, and I’ll be visiting you on Sundays the next fifty years at Loretto Federal Prison.

Hard to find a moderate position with a party that has actually given a standing ovation for passing state legislation (New York) that legalizes infanticide.

Yes, shockingly once the infant is delivered and perfectly healthy it can be killed. Of course compassionately they will make the infant comfortable in the process. Next time you look at your children or grandchildren keep that horror in mind to what happens to some infants.

Perhaps you would like to support a green new deal energy policy that would rapidly turn America into a third world country. President Trump has instituted energy policies that have liberated us from the Middle East tyrants and has helped to fuel a dramatically resurgent economy for all sexes, races, creeds and colors.

Trump is guilty of one thing — speaking the truth to the American people.

President Barack Obama, was an eloquent speaker who oversaw malaise and a character weakening reliance on big government. Is Trump a brash New Yorker who can be abrasive at times? Yes. However, in three short years the positive changes across all strata of our citizens is dramatically positive.

And, oh yes, perhaps all my Democratic friends should send Trump a thank-you card for the significant increase in their retirement plan.

Dennis G. Ridenour



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