McCaffery has concern for Hollidaysburg Area

As a resident of the Hollidaysburg Area School District, I would like to recommend Tom McCaffery for the Hollidaysburg Area School Board.

McCaffery, a parent and grandparent himself, realizes how important a safe school with good academic standards is to parents, to students and to the community.

As a taxpayer, I am also concerned with fiscal responsibility, and I know McCaffery shares these concerns.

He believes that a school board should be non-partisan and emphasize data-driven decisions and planning for the student’s post-graduation careers.

As a former special education teacher, he has a deep concern for student welfare and is convinced that students should be mentored to achieve their maximum physical and mental well-being by our district’s guidance departments.

I believe that he would be an excellent choice for the school board.

Joanne Aboud McGahagan