Letter to the editor — Trump has proven enough is enough

Trump has proven enough is enough

Will someone please explain to me what exactly President Donald Trump must do to receive the universal condemnation that his actions truly deserve?

This man, under the guise of the presidency, has done very little to the benefit of all Americans. Instead, he has spent his time enriching himself as well as the wealthy donor class that he represents.

He was elected by voters as a supposed “swamp draining” populist but has governed exactly opposite.

Instead of funding infrastructure, he has funded his own self interests. Instead of draining the swamp, he has brought corruption and donor influence to new unprecedented levels.

Instead of promoting policies to the benefit of working people, he has gutted the labor department of worker protections, packed the courts with anti-union judges and implemented a new tax code that literally takes from the poor to give to the rich.

Yet, despite his broken promises, his contempt for the rule of law, his total absence of ethical responsibility and his blatant disregard for facts and augmentation of reality, he has lost little to no support from Republicans.

So, again I ask: When is enough enough?

This man, our elected president has not just been caught, but has openly admitted to withholding desperately needed military aid to a foreign country unless they re-open a closed investigation into the son of his political opponent.

If something wrong happened here with the Bidens — which has been proven by multiple sources that it did not — that is besides the point.

American politics should stay in America. American elections should be decided by Americans. This is what a democracy is.

When we allow one man to be above the law, make his own rules, and his own reality — there is a different name for that, a monarchy.

Zach Winkler