Ickes, Carper best for Altoona City Council

Jesse Ickes and Joe Carper are both men of character who are committed to our community, and have chosen to live and raise their families in Altoona.

Ickes and Carper are level-headed, smart young professionals who are fiscally responsible and have the ability to unify.

Ickes is a skilled financial planner who will look out for the best financial interests of the city. Carper knows how to work with diverse groups to achieve regulatory reform.

Both men will be committed to growing Altoona’s tax base, and are themselves invested in Altoona.

I have known Ickes for several years, and have the honor of calling him my friend. I met Carper within the last year, and have been impressed with his maturity and professionalism.

This election day, please vote for Jesse Ickes and Joe Carper for Altoona City Council.

Erik Cagle



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