Geis has background to be Altoona mayor

This letter is written as a letter of support for the candidacy of Mark Geis to be the next mayor of the City of Altoona.

I have known Geis all my life and attest to the fact that he has the personal attributes and skills, as well as the experience, to be an excellent mayor.

Geis retired from the United Iron Workers several years ago, so he knows how the working man and their families struggle to make ends meet. He also knows the importance of good jobs coming to and staying in our city.

Geis has 20 years serving on City Council, so he knows how the city government works and the needs of our citizens. In addition, he is a good listener and will not only listen, but also will respond to citizens’ concerns.

His love of family, faith and community is why he is the people’s blue-collar candidate.

Gil Servello



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