Five recommended for Hollidaysburg seats

Most of us give little thought to who sits on the school board.

Elections like the one on Nov. 5 seem inconsequential, especially to those with no children in school, but having a school district with a good reputation benefits everyone.

The value of your home is in part determined by a buyer’s desire to have access to good schools. The community benefits from educating its youth to be well rounded, thinking adults.

This year, there are five Hollidaysburg school board seats open. The results of this election could profoundly change the quality of the schools.

We need to elect board members who value fact-based curriculum, support teachers and administrators, respect students of all backgrounds and abilities and pledge to continue to provide a sound education in a safe environment at a reasonable cost to taxpayers.

I support Tom McCaffrey, Brandon Burns, Doug Stevens, Lonna Zook Frye and Timothy Surkovich.

Janice Kavanagh