Erb has proven he’s leader, problem solver

I have known Bruce Erb for over 30 years and have always found him to be man of integrity, a visionary and a problem solver.

Additionally, and most importantly to me, Erb is a listener and a person who looks to be a person who unites.

In a world where people scream to get their points across and in a world that is incredibly divided, Erb is a breath of fresh air. He has an ability to walk hand in hand even if he doesn’t see eye to eye.

He has been a great help to our community without looking for credit, headlines or endorsements. That’s the person he is, and that’s the person we need to continue to lead our county.

Bruce Erb is an experienced proven leader, a problem solver and a person who truly cares about everyone in our county. He has earned my support.

David D. Cadle Jr.



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