Don’t overlook municipal elections

The average American won’t vote in the 2019 election.

We are busy, and it’s not a presidential or congressional year. Off-year elections often draw only 15-20 percent of voters.

Let me try to change your mind.

Local elections impact your everyday life. County commissioners oversee social programs, the courthouse, the prison, county parks and more. School boards ensure that students graduate prepared for the future with a sound education. City councils make sure city business runs smoothly.

How local government operates affects everything from the quality of local life to your property value.

Because so few people vote in municipal elections, those who do have enormous impact on the outcome. Some decisions come down to a handful of votes. Educate yourself about those running. Attend candidate forums, read newspaper coverage and online information.

On Nov. 5, make your mark on this area. It won’t take much time. The lines are regrettably short.

Frances Hugg



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