Don’t equate violence with mental illness

I must take exception to Frank Kauffman’s recent letter equating violence with mental illness.

Violence, be it gun violence or any other violence, is not about mental illness. It is about hate, anger and rage, something we see in abundance in the USA in the year 2019.

Please check the statistics from the World Health Organization if you are in doubt. By equating violence with mental illness, we are casting further aspersions on those who suffer, and subsequently, further marginalize those with mental illness.

Also, by doing so, we make it a taboo subject and further stigmatize those who already feel at society’s margins.

What Kauffman might wish to do is look at the tone of political discourse in this country and to not further stigmatize those suffering from mental illness.

People with mental illness are far more likely to be victimized by violence than to perpetrate it. The boogie man is hate.

Michael Stubler