Democrats out to hurt country

I was listening to the news where Democrats want to impeach our president for something Joe Biden actually did, and Biden bragged about it.

Also while listening to the news, the media asked college students what they thought of our president, and it seemed to me that many of them didn’t like him, but when asked why, they didn’t have a real answer.

This is where the country is headed, and it’s so sad.

The Democrats want to impeach our president because he is getting closer to all the lies and dirty deals from the past years (Benghazi, fast and furious, millions of our dollars going overseas hours before Obama’s presidency was over, etc.)

Where was the whistleblower then? These people are afraid of what Trump is finding out because it’s going to take Pelosi, Schumer, Clinton, the FBI and Obama himself down.

Personally, I am tired of Democrats wasting our money on worthless accusations. Democrats just keep scratching and coming up with nothing. Democrats must be stopped.

Watching the Democratic debates, there was not one American flag on the stage or anywhere else to be seen. Not one candidate on the Democratic stage talks about America or Americans.

All you hear from them is illegals and refugees and how they will give them your money and the benefits you have worked hard for.

This is America, and they are afraid to talk about it. If you don’t believe this, watch the next Democratic debate and take notice to what is being said and what is missing on the stage.

Helen Brennan



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