Choose school board candidates carefully

Recently, during selection of a new AP science textbook, a Hollidaysburg Area School Board member objected to the science department’s recommendation.

She based her objection on supposed bias toward the science of climate change and renewable energy.

She based her ideas on psuedoscience from the Heartland Institute, which once argued that secondhand smoke is safe.

Her arguments were debunked line by line and the board did not reject the book.

When students graduate and go on to college, it is essential that they have been taught the basic body of generally accepted knowledge crucial to academic success.

This requires that the school board, administration and teachers develop an appropriate, fact-based curriculum.

This process should not be undermined by anyone who does not place accepted science above their own personal ideas. When we vote on Nov. 5, we must elect school board members who understand that.

Barbara Tessin



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