Betraying Kurds, loyal to Turks

The Kurds are a tough, rugged people used to hardships. They are farmers, herders and also fierce and loyal fighters.

Kurdish fighters also include women. They were a big part in helping American troops end the stranglehold ISIS had on that area.

Ten thousand Kurds were killed, and 24,000 were wounded. If the Kurds would not have helped America at all, how many American troops would have been added to the killed and wounded fighting ISIS?

President Donald Trump, who loves dictators, has given the green light to Turkey’s leader, Recep Erdogan, to slaughter the Kurds, with the help of Russia. Christians will also be included in the slaughter.

Why will Trump do little to stop this? He does not want Erdogan to take over the two Trump Towers in Istanbul.

Trump showed his loyalty to Erdogan when Turkish security beat American protesters on American soil. They were charged with this crime and Trump had the charges dropped.

Our military does not want to abandon their comrades in arms, the Kurds. Trump does not care. He is smarter than all his generals and said he would have been a great general.

You have to join the military to become a general.

The message being sent to our allies and the world in a time of war is this: Do everything you can to help us fight an enemy. Get your people killed and wounded.

When it is over, America will walk away and you will be on your own. Some message.

Dennis C. Shore



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