Vote for candidate, not straight ticket

Pennsylvania is one of only eight states that allow straight ticket (party) voting.

A total of 54 percent of Blair county voters choose this option. While it simplifies voting, it reinforces party affiliation as the driving force behind your vote.

Elections such as judicial contests would benefit from non-partisanship, as would school boards where candidates cross list.

I encourage all voters to take the time to get to know the candidates. Attend candidate forums, explore candidate websites or Facebook pages and read the local paper to learn each candidate’s policy positions.

If we vote based on that knowledge, not solely on party affiliation, perhaps we can reduce the hyper-partisanship that permeates today’s politics.

I pledge to be a voter who forgoes voting straight ticket and to thoughtfully choose the candidate that best reflects my values. I think it’s worth taking the extra time and effort.

I hope you will take that pledge as well.

Helen Sheehy