Singing can help keep everyone stimulated

Has the enjoyment died?

Is it just me, or has the joy of singing in a group died around Altoona? It used to be that just about anywhere you went people could be heard singing. There were singing groups everywhere.

There were church choirs that were well attended and clubs that had their own groups ready to perform.

I sing with the Altoona Horseshoe Chorus, my church choir and a quartet. The enjoyment is one thing, but the exercise and the relaxation the brain experiences is phenomenal.

I have read many articles about the percentage of the brain that is engaged when singing in a group is very high, as opposed to reading, playing with cell phones or watching TV.

Yet the truth is that many choirs and choruses are slowly fading away.

I have talked to many who are in groups who say choirs and choruses have dwindled to a dozen or less people. My choir may have two or three on a Sunday. Our chorus has dropped from about 50 men to about a dozen regulars.

Do me a favor: Get out and sing with a group. Find that happiness that has been lost. FYI, the Altoona Horseshoe Chorus meets on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. at the Zion Lutheran Church in Hollidaysburg, by the courthouse.

We sing acapella and use our voices to ring chords. It doesn’t cost a dime to come in and listen, or join in for an evening to see if you like it. We are a group of men who enjoy the fellowship of group singing.

There are no age restrictions, so come and enjoy. We would be happy to have you experience the joy of singing. We need new members.

Thanks for reading this.

Harry Bailor