Ryan trying to take from PA seniors

State Rep. Frank Ryan, a Republican from Lebanon County, has proposed House Bill-13, which is a good number for its potential.

He wants to replace our Pennsylvania school tax with revenue from a new tax on retirement income and local sales and personal income taxes.

Ryan defines taxable retirement under his plan as pensions and individual contribution to 401k accounts and individual retirement accounts. He does not advocate taxing Social Security benefits.

Isn’t that nice of Ryan? If this HB13 should become law, it would be a short time later that those politicians would submit legislation to include taxing our Social Security.

All property owners would still be paying their real estate tax bills from county and municipal taxes.

I wonder when Ryan was running for election if he ever mentioned to the voters “Elect me and I will see to it that we tax your retirements.”

I hope Ryan publishes his schedule for his proposed statewide tour. I agree with the Altoona Mirror that when and if he comes to Blair County, none of us should show up.

Joseph E. Keirn