Recommending five for Hollidaysburg board

As the parent of two Hollidaysburg Area School District students, I know how important it is to have a school board that understands the importance of a K-12 education that prepares our children for the future and that respects its students and faculty.

The board members must operate without any personal agenda to ensure that they make the best decisions for both the school and our community.

Since the Hollidaysburg Area School Board has five seats up for this election, it is especially important for us to select those board members carefully.

They must be both sensitive to taxpayers’ concerns and committed to maintaining the strong academic reputation of our school district.

I believe that five of the candidates seeking the position are well qualified. They are Thomas McCaffrey, Timothy Surkovich, Doug Stephens, Lonna Zook Frye and Brandon Burns.

Kaleen Wolfe