New PSU parking much appreciated

I have been a Penn State season ticket holder for 49 years, so I’ve experienced the good, the bad and the ugly, both on and off the field, while attending more than 300 games.

Despite the tone of recent Altoona Mirror articles and social media postings, I would like to applaud the university for the courageous implementation of its new parking plan.

As a retired public relations professional, I can say that Penn State has done a phenomenal job of communicating the details of this new plan for more than six months.

The signage as one approaches Beaver Stadium has been improved and ticket holders have gotten at least three emails a week since late August encouraging them to review their driving route on game day.

The new parking passes clearly identify the route you must follow to arrive at your designated lot. The gopsusports website even has videos explaining the need for this significant cultural change.

The ability to select a numbered parking lot before the season was much-appreciated by those of us who carefully studied stadium ingress and egress routes.

Knowing exactly where you will park, regardless of the time you arrive at Beaver Stadium, has been tantamount to a gift from God.

Prior to Saturday’s noon kickoff with Pitt, we got hung up for 15 minutes near the intersection of Toftrees Avenue and Fox Hollow Road only because the Pennsylvania State Police were being forced to reroute a significant number of cars that weren’t even supposed to be following the north zone approach.

Once we cleared that bottleneck, caused by drivers who either refused to believe the information they ignored or figured they’d just bully their way into a lot of their desire, it was smooth sailing. Total travel time from Altoona to lot 23 was less than an hour.

I am certain that similar drivers, who have had their heads in the sand since January, also caused traffic problems in the east, west and south zones.

Who are the losers now that the new plan is in place? Thousands who have been accustomed to driving to a Penn State game just for the purpose of tailgating without game tickets or any desire to watch the Nittany Lions play.

I hope they soon realize they need to party at home or a location far from Happy Valley.

We are delighted with the new parking plan.

Thomas M. Bradley



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