Erb, Webster deserve county’s support

As many citizens of Blair County know, the sting of mismanaged county government can turn into an irreparable shock. Many hardworking taxpayers suffer from elected officials misdirecting their money.

Luckily for us, two great candidates will appear on the ballot for county commissioner this fall: Bruce Erb and Amy Webster.

Over the past 3¢ years, commissioner Erb relentlessly worked to slash spending and return to a state of financial responsibility at the county level. Thanks to many measures of his, the county saved over $3 million.

Erb continues to dedicate his full time and focus to running county government, too.

As an attorney, Webster spent her career representing citizens in court. Her service to community serves as a strong precursor to what a commissioner Webster would look like.

You may select two candidates for county commissioner. Both Erb and Webster deserve our support this November.

Matt Zupon