Cresson Legion grateful for new legislation

The American Legion membership eligibility requirements have changed.

Prior to July 30, 2019, a veteran had to have served on active duty during one of the designated “war” periods designated by Congress to qualify for membership in the American Legion.

Unfortunately, this barred hundreds, if not thousands, of veterans who served honorably but “not at the right time.”

In early 2019, Congress considered and then passed legislation that makes any veteran who served at least one day of active service between Dec. 7, 1941, and today and was either discharged honorably or is still on active duty, eligible for full Legion membership.

On July 30, 2019, President Donald Trump signed the legislation into law.

If you now qualify for membership or have questions, contact Dan Eberhart, post adjutant, at 935-7922.

The Cresson American Legion looks forward to having you join our ranks and finally get the recognition well deserved and long overdue.

Jack Thompson

Service Officer

Cresson American Legion