Altoona needs to be more ‘business-friendly’

The population of Altoona in the 1930 census was 82,000.

The 2017 population estimate was 44,000. The population has decreased since that 1930 census. What will the 2020 census reveal?

Some have observed that Altoona is just not business-friendly. There are just too many hoops and too much red tape for a business start-up to go through.

Altoona doesn’t need to help them go through those hoops and red tape; Altoona needs to remove the hoops and red tape.

Altoona should be willing to do whatever it takes to become a business-friendly community. Let’s make it easy to establish a business in the city.

Altoona should be the location of choice for businesses. (Special thanks to two local radio personalities for the above ideas.)

Also, we shouldn’t punish people for living elsewhere but working in the city.

Now, they must pay — albeit reduced — a local income tax. If they live in Altoona, that tax is even higher.

Why not reward people for living here and working here? Is it any wonder that so many people have left the area over the years, and young people today make it their goal to leave here?

Did you know that there are actually municipalities in some southern states that don’t even know what a local income tax is?

Again, may Altoona resolve to do whatever it takes to change its business reputation.

David Greenwood



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