AASD board members setting bad example

I felt compelled to write this letter concerning the actions of the three Altoona Area School members — Ed Kreuz, Ron Johnston and Sharon Bream — who walked out of a training presentation.

Why did these three members leave? Because, in my view, their previous votes were in the minority for decisions made.

Also, they had previously rejected the proposed training supposedly because of the $200 cost and then they didn’t even take advantage of this training opportunity.

I ask this: Would this behavior be accepted by a student who disagreed with course content? Would this behavior be tolerated of an employee who disagreed with employment policies?

Of course, the answer is no. So why would elected school board members feel that they could walk out on a training concerning the acceptable roles and duties of school board members? How does this appear to the Pennsylvania School Board Association concerning its opinion of the Altoona Area School District?

Does this show an example to our students and others that you can just walk out if you don’t get your way?

I’m sure that these three school board members don’t see it this way, and maybe they could help us understand their actions, but what also counts is how others see their actions and the ramifications for the district.

Katie Bodnar



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