Trump’s record on race should speak for itself

So I see the Mirror published another letter bashing President Donald Trump by a person claiming he is a racist.

Let’s look: Lowest black and hispanic unemployment ever, 40 percent higher growth than President Barack Obama, and Obama had the advantage of low employment, black wages and incomes are up since Trump was elected, an executive order for the Revitalization Council to help impoverished neighborhoods, the First Step Act to reform the criminal justice system, advancing the idea of school choice to give poor or minority children the same chance at a quality education.

He also nominated a black woman for Marine general — another first.

And why is his quote on “the squad” always taken out of context? He told them to come back in the same sentence. And why so many pictures of Trump with black celebrities?

Surely these people wouldn’t want to hang around with a racist would they? The letter writer claims there are a half a million white illegals Trump is letting alone. Where does that info come from? There are almost 14 times that number from Mexico alone.

And no president has ever condoned illegal immigration, which is at its worst now just to make the president look bad.

Trump’s a racist? No I don’t think so.

Richard Plack



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