‘Team effort’ leaves lasting impression

For eight weeks this summer, the city of Altoona was blessed by young people from many different states. The program was called “Team Effort.”

Every week, a different group of young people paid their own way to come here on a mission trip, to help folks in this area with needed projects such as landscaping, painting garages, church buildings, building flower boxes, etc.

They also cleaned up, mowed and trimmed the Fairview Cemetery. Each project they took on, they paid for any and all needed supplies.

Each week, the groups varied from 14 to 80 youth, including chaperones.

After working all day, the group would meet at the “Lighthouse” on Woomer Road for evening worship at 8 p.m.

Five dedicated staff members committed eight weeks of their summer to make this program successful.

I was so impressed by these great young adults: Dakota Gammage from Carrollton, Ga. (team leader); James Kelley from Tampa, Fla.; Kate Bellamy from Nashville Tenn.; Joshua Flinger from Statesville, N.C.; and Sydni Wolpert from Decatur, Ind.

These young people and their faith in God gives me faith for the future.

Bill Carter