Quakers share ‘deep concern’ for immigrants

For almost 371 years, The Religious Society of Friends, commonly known as Quakers, has held the belief that “There is that of God in everyone.”

No exceptions. Friends have worked to abolish slavery, worked to help refugees around the world during and after World Wars I and II and worked to help with the suffragette movements and civil rights.

We as Quakers now share a deep concern for our immigrant sisters and brothers from around the world who have come to this country seeking refuge from poverty stricken and often very violent homelands.

Moreover, we feel strongly compelled to speak out publicly against the separation of families.

Children, some as young as three months old, have been taken away from their parents and held in conditions documented as unsafe and unhealthy for lengthy periods of time. Months.

Where is the compassion that Jesus tells us to offer to our fellow peoples of the world? Did we not learn, all of us, the golden rule?

Dunnings Creek Friends Meeting holds our government leaders accountable. At the same time, we hold our leaders and all people in the Light.

We pray our fears and misunderstandings will give way to the Divine Light within, waiting to shine with compassion and understanding.

Susan Williams