Politicians should be tested for mental fitness

As a Gulf War veteran — after reading an article about the Veterans Administration red flagging veterans — I wanted to comment on exposing the dangers of this back-door, unconstitutional, political-rights grabbing operation.

Maybe we should turn the tables and publicly demand mandatory red-flag laws to test the mental fitness of politicians who make decisions in regards to the safety and security of American citizens. Let’s add mandatory drug testing, lie-detector testing and background checks to their hiring and employment process.

It’s ironic American politicians want to take away Americans’ weapons while at the same time providing arms to the rest of the world, fast and furious drug cartels, Syrian freedom fighters, Saudi Arabia and Afghan opium producers. (The opium epidemic wasn’t an epidemic until we decided to prop up production in Afghanistan).

Politicians like Bob Casey, Pat Toomey, Elizabeth Warren, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Barack Obama and George W. Bush are responsible for more mass murders in the world than any individual citizen. Add in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, Yemen and Syria to name a few.

Domestically, the free flow of illegal alien murderers and rapists can be added to these politicians’ rap sheets.

So let me get this straight: A government that arms and sends our kids all over the world to fight their perceived enemies, like inanimate pawns on a chess board, wants to take away a majority of those battlefield combat-trained American defenders’ gun rights because they might have seen and been forced to partake in unnecessary atrocities that affect them and their families for generations, all at the direction of our unaccountable politicians?

POWs — a kid with a plate in his head, a man missing arms and legs who wants to build a wall, a female soldier who was canned by middle eastern street regulators because she wasn’t dressed properly — lose their rights because of this same group of politicians’ decision to implement red-flag laws?

The politicians who are pushing unending wars and Second Amendment restrictions should be investigated to determine their own mental stability.

The president himself, according to an article I read, had 60,000 psychiatrists who had signed a statement saying that he was mentally unfit. He should have let that sink in before advocating red-flag gun control laws.

In short, the lunatics (politicians and bureaucrats) are in charge of the asylum.

John O’Brien



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