Motorcyclists at risk to distracted drivers

I have complained before about texting and driving and the injury and death toll that it takes on motorcyclists in the United States every year.

After watching a recent TV interview with a woman who was involved in a minor injury by being hit by someone driving while texting, the interview made it like the people riding bikes on the highways are the real victims.

It was reported that in 10 years, about 1,200 bike riders have been killed in the U.S. That’s sad, but not as sad as the hundreds of motorcyclists killed every year by the idiots texting while driving.

I don’t think people riding bikes should be allowed to ride them on the highways.

Number one, it’s unsafe for them and vehicle drivers. Number two, they pay no form of taxes to use the highways, meaning they pay no gas tax, no license fees and no title transfer taxes for the privilege to use the highways.

City streets are different; they pay all kinds of city taxes to use them.

Divers who text or talk on their cell phones just don’t care about anyone else — just themselves. Like it’s their God-given right to do so.

Until there are stiffer laws on texting and driving, this will keep going on, and they will keep killing or seriously injuring people.

Oh, and for the woman who was injured when she was hit by the texting driver, I wish her the best in her recovery from a broken wrist.

Ronald C. Norris