Hatred taking country in the wrong direction

Sunday, Aug. 4, at 6:50 a.m., I awoke and turned on the news to find a third mass shooting (California, Texas, Ohio) in the past week had occurred in the early morning hours while I slept.

With tears in my eyes, I felt sadness, anger, sympathy, empathy, and horror all at the same time. Have we, as a society, become some numb to this or so wrapped up in ourselves, not to see what is happening in our country?

I am a proud descendant of European immigrants. The only true Americans are the Native Indians. Everyone needs to look at their own ancestry before hating one race or another because they are different.

You would be surprised where your ancestors came from. Were we not taught God created man in his own image; we have a preconceived notion that Adam (and Eve) where white. Were you there? Did you ever see Adam, Eve, or God? Maybe they were white, black, Asian, or maybe purple.

God created us to be different on the outside, but we all bleed red.

Do your research: Blacks were here in Florida before the Pilgrims — and before we made them slaves. The Pilgrims came here to escape persecution for their religious beliefs. We would not be here if they had not made that long journey across the Atlantic Ocean.

If you are not concerned about our country going backwards, you should be. Innocent people (men, women and children) are dying because of the hatred being encouraged by the White House.

President Donald Trump’s own grandfather was an immigrant in this country and felt the need to change his last name. Why? Was he escaping persecution? His wife is an immigrant and only a U.S. citizen because of her marriage to him.

People come to our country to escape the violence happening in their own country, only to find the same thing (or worse) here. You could be a victim of this hatred at any time and anywhere.

Are you prepared to die? Are you a racist? Someone taught to hate because someone looks or talks different, has a different viewpoint than you? If this is true about you, I feel sorry for you.

That is not what our country was founded on.

Margaret Foster



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