Fire company should show more sensitivity

With all the social media today, I feel that a lot of people have lost compassion.

Geeseytown Community Fire Company posted pictures on Facebook of a horrific motorcycle accident that resulted in the loss of a life earlier this week.

As well intended as it may have been to update the traffic conditions of the area, no respect or privacy was given to those that received the worst call of their lives that morning.

A loss of a life should not be a public spectacle. It should not be shared on social media for entertainment. Those pictures are now being passed around.

Someday the parents and children of the deceased will see those pictures. For loved ones, those images never go away once seen.

From someone who lost a spouse to a car accident, I feel Geeseytown Community Fire Company owes the family an apology and should immediately take down the pictures.

Compassion is within us all. It may be lost, but it can be found again.

Please think before posting.

Teri Lion



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