Environmental concerns are vital

I am concerned about the destructive effects of petroleum-based fuels to run our machines.

We have already raised the temperature two degrees Celsius on the average in the USA, especially near the Northwestern border near Canada.

And every day millions of people turn over their vehicles’ engines at the start of the work day, oblivious to the effects of the heat and pollution we are spewing into the environment.

My grandfather was a car dealer owner in Huntingdon and started his business in 1923. He was just like most Americans, believing Ford’s assembly line and the internal combustion engine auto was the best invention.

However, he was unconscious to the effects on the environment that billions of cars would eventually have, both with pollution and with heat they produced. Scientific studies are right: There is global warming due to the effects of the gas powered engines on the environment.

We are destroying the country we love so much with these machines, and if we do not voluntarily reduce emissions, we will leave a bitter legacy for our children and grandchildren.

Our representatives in office can only do so much. It will take responsible citizens to vote to elect people who will start a plan for a graduated sequence of reversal to achieve a majority of hybrid and electric vehicles in the near future.

This can be done by a consumer revolution.

And yes, the huge gas-guzzling SUVs and trucks that generate heat and pollution will eventually have to go. But it has to be voluntary. We can divest from the automobiles that suck oxygen out of the air and replace it with carbon.

Buy your next vehicle with better emissions reduction, plant a tree, and hope by God it is not too late.

John D. Grove



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