Democrat is upset with her own party

Each election year, our choices for president get worse.

Long gone are the times when people ran with the intelligence and commitment necessary to sustain the economy and protect the interests of diverse groups of people.

Today, people are running, delivering promises that can’t be kept and proposing ideas that make absolutely no economical sense.

As a registered Democrat, I have never been so disgusted with my party. Proposals by the far left, such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Bernie Sanders, will bury our country in a debt that we’ll never dig out of.

To say that everyone should be given a free education and free health care is absolutely ridiculous and not feasible. Let’s start out with education. The way of the world has always been to pay the debt you accumulate.

Choosing to go to a post-secondary school is almost always the right choice in terms of financial stability and success. Payment plans allow people to pay the government back over a period of years once they have obtained employment.

Programs like WIA, although helpful for many, also allow for waste. I have personally known people who have had their entire education paid for, only to never work a day in the field and return to their prior occupation. A good investment? Not at all.

When we offer free education, we are going to see a ripple effect — lifetime students who try this and try that, accumulating massive debt, maybe finishing the degree or maybe not, but never paying.

Essentially they’ll spend their life in a classroom searching for the perfect fit. Meanwhile where does the money come from to cover these expenses? Someone has to pay. Find a career that you believe is a good fit for you, apply for student loans and pay them back upon gaining employment.

Nothing should change here. It holds people accountable for their debt but allows them the opportunity to pursue advanced degrees. Possibly lowering the interest on student loans would be a better discussion to have.

Now, health care. As it stands, we have millions of workers who are either uninsured or underinsured through MEC (minimal essential coverage). Employers are opting for MEC because it’s cheaper than traditional hospitalization, but it gives the appearance of complying with their responsibility for full-time workers.

It’s OK for young, healthy individuals but horrible for middle aged and older adults who are developing chronic health conditions.

Again, where’s the money coming from? People who don’t work already get it for free at the taxpayers’ expense.

As a health care professional, I know the markup is at least

50 percent for what the insurance companies are charged. I also know that despite having a degree and making a decent wage, I’ve spent the majority of my career without coverage because employers are opting to offer less or none.

Nothing is free. You work, you earn, you pay. That’s the system.

Today we attempt to hold off or treat things on our own. If something is free, let’s all go to the hospital or clinic for elbow pain because it won’t cost anything. The increase in prescriptions, doctor visits, tests and hospitalizations will all burden the economy — not to mention the shortage of doctors and nurses that already exist to field all these patients.

Mandatory comprehensive coverage for all full-time workers should be the goal. Others should pay an affordable fee, but nobody should ever have to dismiss their concerns due to lack of accessible healthcare

I am not a supporter of President Donald Trump. I don’t agree with the Democrats this time around. Illegal immigration, welfare reform, criminal justice reform and Social Security are a few more issues that need looked at heavily.

I fear for the 2020 election. As Christians say, “The end is closer than ever.”

Chrissy Friday



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