Debates send signal: America must wake up

Watching the debates was almost comical.

Moderators should come from everyday working people trying to make ends meet and small business owners.

Now that the Green New Deal is a possibility, I would like to know how we are going to load and unload our various products imported and exported. The list of materials is enormous. Clothing, food, appliances, vehicles, building supplies, etc., etc.

On the idea of Medicare for all, how many more federal employees will we need and how many private sector jobs do we lose?

Why isn’t an educational voucher system being implemented? Shouldn’t one be able to choose the school they want to attend?

Why must every general election start with racism?

Why don’t the candidates address the filth in the inner cities and housing problems?

Why don’t our representatives vote according to their constituents and not because of party affiliation?

The problem is candidates will tell you anything to get your vote, and in return do nothing to better our country except better themselves.

Wake up, Americans. This isn’t neverneverland. This is real life, that these candidates can’t address.

I think it’s like sitting on Santa’s lap and telling him what you want for Christmas.

It’s not delivered by Santa nor the local state and federal governments. It’s delivered by family and friends.

So all voters should be careful of what they wish for because these candidates cannot deliver what they say.

Gary Lascoli



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