Civilians should not need semi-automatic weapons

Just think of when the Second Amendment was written.

Americans were fighting Indian tribes, English soldiers and loyalists to control the colonies. Families were slaughtered so everyone, even children, needed to use a gun.

It was survival in the wilderness. We needed a gun for protection and food to survive.

Just look at today’s towns. We have state police, local police, The National Guard, military and other security forces.

I can see having a shotgun, handgun and/or a rifle, but should we have semi-automatic weapons?

A machine gun is for the military. No civilian should have a need for semi-automatic weapons; they are used to kill people.

It is just common sense.

Sure, I should have a right to carry a gun for protection. In the military the use of deadly force has to be authorized. You can’t just use deadly force.

Mark Herbert Townsend