Cambria Heights must work to save its pool

Only we can save our Cambria Heights pool.

The threat to remove this resource from our students and community is one that we, as a community, must come together over. It is rare to have such an asset outside the county seat or city, in a rural area.

Our pool facilities are praised by other districts and those trained in aquatics.

It has no glare, elevated seating for best views and has taught generations of students and residents to swim through physical education curriculum and open lessons and swims under direction of the YMCA.

Don’t we want our children, grandchildren, family and friends to have the life-saving skill to swim? Isn’t this investment in our children and community worth renovating to extend this lifelong skill for generations to come?

Our pool has existed for 50 years.

Builders of our district had the foresight to include this asset in the plans at a time when most schools did not, providing scholarship opportunities to a number of our children that the majority do not have access to.

Even our senior citizens, without children in the schools, benefit from using the facility. A facility designed for all ages and abilities, offering diversity unlike any other district facility.

The pool offers conditioning to all athletes, students and community members. The renovation will be ADA compliant and offer access to those with disabilities to enter the water safely. Parents have spoken of the benefits swimming offers students that would otherwise not participate in sports and how it teaches discipline and endurance.

The cost does not overshadow the advantages of getting our pool up and running. The football field has playable sod, putting off the renovation will add increased costs with the passage of time.

That is not good financial guardianship.

Improvements do not increase taxes, they have already been increased. The plans include an improved swimming layout, conducive to swimming lessons and exercise, and merely replacing equipment that has not been replaced in 50 years.

I want to thank the school board for moving the football field to our campus, so now it is time to prioritize the pool.

Get it ready for our swim team, our students and our families. Open it day and night, in all seasons, creating revenue.

It’s our pool. We the people of the district need to preserve it for generations to come. We need to let our administrators and school board members know we want them to do the admirable thing — the right thing — save our pool.

As a former board member and community member, I understand the logistics. There is no reason we can’t make Cambria Heights great again.

The next board meeting is at

7 p.m. Sept. 24 in the middle school library.

We need to voice our expectations on keeping that pool and all its advantages for generations to come.

Wendell Routch



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