Attacks on Trump expose left’s agenda

Forty-eight hours after the El Paso/Dayton tragedies, I listened, read and watched various news media.

In a time when we should come together as a country, I, again, saw and heard the Trump- hating news media, some 24/7, point to our president and did everything but put the guns in his hands.

These are the same Trump hate pundits who constantly spiel their hatred for him and the country we want. I am so disgusted, and I know I’m not alone to see how these people — some whose opinions I respected — have devolved into dumping their lies and trash into our country.

They and their masters have an agenda — to destroy the Trump presidency and to be sure this never happens again. The elites want the power, wealth and ability to rule and shape this country and its people (total socialism).

I know America is better than this and that we will not allow this to happen.

FYI: In that same 48-hour period, almost 3,500 American babies were killed, without a single shot being fired.

God bless America and President Donald Trump.

Jim Moore



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