America’s messages falling on deaf ears

In the wake of multiple shootings and deaths, we look for deeper meaning.

We ask, some implore God to answer the question. There is a deeper meaning, but there is also an obvious message being presented to us. And I think the message has two or three parts with the first most obvious message: There are just too many guns and they are too easy to get.

It is a message that has been building for many years and is now reaching a crescendo that we should, but we are not, paying attention to.

I think if we look at a history of guns and violence we could see that it started with just the criminals having guns, and we could easily identify them. Only criminals had guns. There were fewer of them. Then guns found a way to gangs and drugs. These numbers grew, but only the criminals were being shot and killed.

Then, drive by shootings and carjackings. Innocents started to become victims in larger numbers. The outcry started to grow as the number of accidental shootings of being in the wrong place at the right time, with many children being lost.

Again, we noted these, but again, only criminals had guns. Criminals were still the few. The NRA soon found its voice. The call for us all to be armed to protect ourselves from the criminals, growing as the level of violence increased. So yes, we armed ourselves.

Did we see or listen to the actual message? The message? People needed help. Violence like this has its roots in more than just “evilness in people.” Hope is a critical part of living. No hope, no reason to be good, kind or just plain nice.

So since we did not listen to the message, the ante was raised — mass shootings, school shootings, multiple casualties, multiple injuries and a loss of hope for many.

Children start to fear going to school. How is it that we can miss the message? It is right there screaming at us. For those looking for deeper meaning beyond the violence, the deeper meaning is still the same.

People need help, and no one is listening. We ignore the poor and displaced. We ignore the loss of hope. We ignore the issue of mental health.

So to me it’s a clear message that God is sending to us, and it is very loud and very clear. He is saying “wake up, can’t you see?” How much more does he have to let happen before we realize the message that there are just too many guns, and they are just too easy to get?

I know there are many who say the opposite. It is because God is not in the schools, or similar that we are in this plight, but maybe you are missing the message. Maybe he really is right here. And he is saying the time is now.

How many more lives need to be lost before we actually hear the message and act on it?

Stephen LoRusso



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